Can You Use Legume Cover Crops in Your Peanut Rotation?

Avoid Legumes Before Peanuts; Use Grasses Instead

Balkcom believes the rule of avoiding legumes before peanuts also applies to legume cover crops, and points out that the typical intended purpose of growing a legume cover, doesn’t make sense for growing in front a peanut crop anyway.

  • Common vetch (legume)
  • Hairy vetch (legume)
  • White clover (legume)
  • Red clover (legume)
  • Triticale (grass)
  • Wheat (grass)
  • Rye (grass)

Using Legumes After Peanuts

While growing a legume before a peanut crop is unadvised, Balkcom says that seeding one after the peanut crop would likely work. He’s heard of growers in a cotton-peanut rotation using a legume mixture after the peanuts before cotton.

What About Legumes in Cover Crop Mixes?

Some growers may be wondering whether they can get away with using a legume species in their cover crop mix before peanuts. For example, if the mix was 70% grass, 20% brassica and 10% legume, would that little bit of legume still hurt the peanut crop?



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