How AgFuse Can Help Your Farm This Year

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Published Mar 1, 2019

A new year is always a great time to reflect on your farm business and to look at the big picture. The main focus is “How can I improve my business this upcoming year?” Let us suggest an easy and free way to do so: join AgFuse and participate in the smartest online community of ag professionals. The platform is absolutely free and you can be as active or inactive as you’d like.

What are some of the benefits of joining AgFuse?

  • Network with other members in your area or members who specialize in your crops or interests.
  • See the latest news articles from leading industry publications appearing directly in your newsfeed.
  • Learn from industry experts who use AgFuse to blog about what they’re up to.
  • Create a blog yourself to promote your business or to share your best insights and ideas.
  • Utilize our suite of tools to get information on local weather, commodity quotes and market analysis.
  • Promote your ag business by creating a group page for the company and sharing that page with your current email list. This is a much better way to stay in touch and interact with customers than using email alone.
  • Download our app to have all of these tools and features in your pocket. Really, our app is fantastic!

You’re going to be faced with countless decisions this year regarding how to improve your farm or ag-related business. But, the decision to join AgFuse should be easy. Our platform is a free and powerful tool for those looking to be the best in their industry. Oh, and — by the way — if you’re already a member, do us a favor and tell your friends or give us a shout-out on social media. We’d really appreciate it, but we also genuinely think the recommendation will help your friends. Our network gets exponentially better every time new members join.

Here’s to a profitable year!

- Your Friends at AgFuse

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