The Top 10 Ag Apps For Farmers in 2020

3 min readApr 22, 2020

There is no shortage of great apps to help farmers in 2020. As farming gets more digital, tech savvy farmers are craving tools that can help them do their jobs more efficiently and better. This list compiles 10 of the most useful apps in agriculture.

  1. My John Deere Operations Center let’s you take complete control of your operation via remote management of your fleet, monitoring of field work and applications, as well as accessing historic agronomic data. With continuing improvements and updates being rolled out regularly, John Deere has developed what is the clear flagship farm management tool.
  2. Windy is an incredible weather app that allows you to compare forecasts from different weather models like ECMWF, GFS and NAM. You can select precise locations on a map to preview forecasts of things like wind and rainfall. It will also allow you to project rain accumulation for a period of time in the future, for example in the next 5 days. It allows users to visualize wind patterns and can be extremely useful when trying to make product applications with a sprayer or spreader.
  3. Tractor Zoom is a great tool for farmers to find equipment at auctions nationwide. They have aggregated auction inventory so that you can search for specific items on their app rather than having to go visit many different auction company websites. They also have a slick notification area that alerts you to auctions in your area, specific model searches and more.
  4. Ag PhD Fertilizer Removal by Crop is an extremely handy app for modeling both nutrient uptake and removal for many different crops based on yield goals you can input into the app. It’s a great tool when planning fertilizer applications or creating nutrient prescription calculators.
  5. Auction Time is an online equipment auction platform that allows users to both buy and sell equipment. It has a nice interface for searching and favoriting equipment which then alerts you whenever that specific auction goes live. You can then keep up and place bids via the app as the time counts down on the auction. They have a reputation rating system for sellers so that you know you can trust the information they provide on the listed equipment.
  6. My Radar is a very powerful yet simple app that offers precise, animated radar for up to two-hour loops. Set up alerts to get notifications on upcoming weather events with details on intensity and duration. There’s a reason that My Radar has been downloaded over 50 million times.
  7. AgSense is the app to have if you irrigate. The ability to monitor and control irrigation pivots from a remote location has proven extremely valuable to users who have a number of pivots to check on or are geographically spread out. Integrated reporting allows for easy record keeping as well. Moisture probes can also be linked in the app so that users have a full suite of tools to manage their irrigation practices.
  8. MyMeasure allows users to measure area or length from a satellite image of fields. You can sync the app to use your location or just use the crosshairs to find whatever field you’re looking for. It’s a great tool to measure acreage or to draw out future center pivots.
  9. FS Yield Estimator makes corn yield estimate calculations simple and easy. Just take the required sample of corn ears, make your counts and fill in the numbers on the easy to use interface.
  10. Soil Web is a really nice tool that allows users to easily find soil type information for their farms and fields. Just tap “Get Soil Data” to find soil information for the location you choose and a graphic will appear that details the different soil types and information related to them. This is a quick and easy approach yet one that allows users to click on links within the app to access even more detailed information on the SSURGO database.

Bonus: AgFuse. You’re probably already using the AgFuse app, but — if not — give it a look. It’s a great way to access commodity quotes and weather information while staying up-to-date on the latest news, which comes up on your customized news feed. With a 5-star rating on the app store, the AgFuse app is a helpful, free way for farmers to stay in the know.

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